With Europe’s most modern and fully automated technology, we can develop and produce a wide range of products on a PET, rPET and Tetra Top package.

From the natural spring, only 500 meters from the factory, this pure, crystal-clear, low-on-salt mineral water is bottled at our plant in Fyresdal, Telemark. The mineral water holds a constant temperature of 8ºC all year round. Whether the outside temperature is plus 30ºC in summer or minus 30ºC in the winter.

Six production lines with a capacity ranging from 1.000-24.000 bottles per hour.

•Different sizes 0,25 - 6 liters

•One-way PET or recycled PET

-Tetra Top 330 ml and 500 ml, 88% plant based Carton

•Single and multipack (2-24)

•Sleeve, wraparound and self-adhesive labels 28mm and 38mm opening

•Water, Dilutables, Soft Drinks, Cider, Energy, Ice Tea, Functional Drinks and Mixers

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