Our sustainability goals

We will systematically integrate sustainability throughout the value chain. Sustainability efforts shall be an inherent part of everything we do.

We will consistently meet the requirements of our customers, authorities, partners, and society.

We will establish a strategy and reporting process with a high level of stakeholder involvement and measurability.

Our philosophy

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Focus areas

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Circular packaging solutions

"We are committed to continuously reducing the footprint of packaging through lightweighting and circular material choices."

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our product packaging. We continuously work to minimize the footprint of packaging through measures such as lightweighting and the use of circular materials. We specifically focus on the consumption of PET and rPET packaging, as well as plastic and cardboard for secondary packaging. Our strategy includes increased use of recycled PET and lightweighting of primary packaging, while also considering the possibilities for implementing reusable secondary packaging. We closely follow Infinitum's recommendations for returnable packaging and commit to participating in a sustainable and circular packaging ecosystem.

More with less

"We are working towards climate neutrality through the use of renewable energy and efficient circular resource utilization."

We actively pursue climate neutrality by utilizing renewable energy and implementing efficient and circular resource utilization. We acknowledge significant impacts such as production waste, water consumption per produced liter of finished product, electricity consumption in production, gas heating of warehouses, gas-powered forklifts, and emissions from transportation. Our initiatives include establishing a carbon footprint in line with the GHG Protocol and developing an action plan to achieve climate neutrality by 2035. We are working to phase out the use of fossil fuels in the warehouse, considering investment in a new compressor system to harness waste heat, and focusing on reducing waste in production lines. Through our "More with Less" initiative, we are taking targeted steps towards a more sustainable and efficient operation.

Together for sustainability

"We will engage the entire organization in further sustainability efforts. This is how we take our share of responsibility—and a little more."

We encourage a holistic approach to sustainability through active participation from across the organization. We take this responsibility seriously and go the extra mile to ensure a positive impact. We acknowledge the importance of social sustainability and our role in the value chain. As part of this effort, we are initiating sustainability reporting to evaluate and enhance our performance. We engage and involve the organization in our sustainability journey while developing and implementing systems to improve our understanding, data quality, and execution capability within sustainability. Our approach emphasizes maintaining a balance between social and environmental considerations, with a particular focus on our employees. We are dedicated to systematizing and strengthening our role in the development of the communities we are part of. Together, with our collective efforts, we are moving towards a more sustainable future.

The transparency act

The Transparency Act came into effect on July 1, 2022. It aims to ensure decent working conditions throughout the value chain and promote transparency around how our organization respects human rights and decent labor conditions. Along with other measures, the Transparency Act is intended to contribute to Norway's efforts to meet UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 8 on decent work and economic growth, and Goal No. 12 on responsible consumption and production.

Our goal is to conduct ourselves in a professionally competent manner towards customers, suppliers, employees, authorities, industry colleagues, and society. Quality and service are the cornerstones of our brand. It is a fundamental expectation that everyone associated with us as a supplier or subcontractor acts in accordance with systematic and targeted sustainable initiatives throughout the value chain. We are committed to working towards achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, and we aim to operate our business cost-effectively with minimal impact on the external environment.

Telemark Kildevann etichal guidelines for suppliers

Report on diligence assessments according to the Transparency act

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