Telemark natural mineral water is taken out only 570 m from the factory. From the natural spring, this pure, crystal-clear, low-on-salt mineral water is bottled at our plant in Fyresdal, Telemark. The mineral water holds a constant temperature of 8ºC all year round. Weather the outside temperature is plus 30ºC in summer or minus 30ºC in winter.

Filling and packaging flexibility

We blow our own bottles online, and enjoy the advantage and flexibility of having a state-of-the-art filling and packaging equipment. In addition to our own brands, we are today producing private labels to some of the largest grocery-chains in Scandinavia and contract packing Bon Aqua Silver for The Coca Cola Company and Schweppes for the Norwegian market.

Local Support

The local county of Fyresdal in Telemark is giving us 100% backing and support. We are today the largest contributor to the county - financially and socially.

Water - the natures own drink

The drinking water being offered is often of various qualities. Telemark natural mineral water is one of the cleanest on the market. And one of the few springs in the country that are allowed to be classified as natural mineral water. This means that the water has a natural cleanness and a combination of minerals/salt that makes it a unique natural mineral water - without any additives, free from pollution and "human touch".

The unique combination of minerals gives a soft, gentle water with an exceptional low level of total dissolved solids (TDS) of apex 13