County of Telemark

The beautiful county of Telemark, is a "Norway in miniature"; fjords, mountains, forests, inland waters, rivers etc. This beautiful unspoiled environment is one of the most popular recreation areas in Norway. And Norway has a lot to offer in this field. We love the freedom that close contact with unspoiled nature and fresh air can give us - the Norwegian way of living - summer or winter. 

The cradle of modern skiing is in Telemark. And Telemarking, the popular, and fast growing way of down-hill skiing, has been developed from the old way of zig-zagging between bushes and trees down-hill! The International word "slalom" is originally an old Norwegian word, and comes from Telemark.

Fyresdal - The most beautiful part of Telemark
Fyresdal has abundance of great wild nature, where people have lived for more than 3000 years. Here you can se old medieval wooden houses and even older Viking graves. We are proud to contribute to keep this traditional part of Norway alive - through marketing some of this ancient "essence of Norway" - Telemark Springwater - to the world.

It's pure - It's clear - It's Nature in a Bottle.

Ski jump from a roof